Stuffed Spiced Vegetable


This simple recipe can be used with a choice of  vegetables and Lush Mush SPICED sauce only or it can be enhanced further using onions and herbs.


Choose the vegetable you want to stuff. Butternut squash, aubergine and marrow all work well.

Cut the veg length-ways and cut a wide trench in the middle of each half of the veg so you can add a filling of the mince sauce you are about to make without it spilling over the sides when the veg is laid flat. You can also use peppers standing upright with the top cut off and the seeds removed. 

Step 2

Choose the mince you wish to use. In the photo I used lamb mince but you can use a soya textured protein or quorn mince or alternative just as easily.

Fry the mince with olive or rapeseed or other oil until it is cooked through.

Option: First fry half a thinly sliced white onion for 5 mins, then add the mince and continue frying till it is cooked through.

Step 3

Add in a 300g tub of Lush Mush SPICED sauce to the frying pan and stir through the mince (and onions if using). Let it cook for about 15mins to absorb all of the flavours.

Season with salt and pepper.

At the end of the cooking phase, add some chopped coriander or mint and stir through the mince sauce.

Stuff each half of veg with some of the mince. If using peppers you can stuff them then add the 'hat' piece on top to cover it up.


Bake for 30mins in a preheated over for 20-30mins, 200C.

Serve with wholegrain rice or cous cous.