Lush Mush Recipes

Lush Mush Stuffed Spiced Vegetable

This simple recipe can be used with a choice of vegetables and just 2 other ingredients. It can be made vegan, vegetarian or with meat mince.

Lush Mush Spiced Dhal

Dhal is my favourite. I am so glad I can make a dhal which has so many vegetables in it as well as I use Lush Mush SPICED in this recipe.

Lush Mush filo pastry veg & feta pie

This is a really simple pie to make. You can substitute the feta for other cheese and play around with the veg you add in the filling. The Lush Mush sauce adds in the tangy tomato flavour that combines so well with the crunch of the pie.

Lush Mush Sweet and Sour Quorn Chicken

This goes to show there are many ways to use Lush Mush sauce. Adding a few extra ingredients transforms a normal stir fry into a sumptuous take on a Chinese take away classic. 

Lush Mush Crusted Cod

This recipe is prepared in minutes. It looks and tastes as if you have spent hours in a kitchen. Try this fish on your dish.

Lush Mush Pasta

You're in a hurry, kids are hungry and want food now! With a tub of Lush Mush and one more ingredient you can have a nutritious meal in minutes....


Lush Mush Pizza

Seriously, it doesn't get any easier. With a tub of Lush Mush and 2 other ingredients you are on to a winner!


Lush Mush Aubergine Parmigiana

Aubergines are not everyone's favourite vegetable but I have converted a fair few people with this aubergine baked dish.


Lush Mush Soup

Warming, tasty, wholesome soup can be yours with a tub of Lush Mush and one more main ingredient, find out how simple this can be by clicking below.

Lush Mush Baked Eggs

Do you love eggs so much you could eat them everyday? With a tub of Lush Mush you can create a new brunch dish that satisfies everyone.

Lush Mush Baked Aubergine with Caramelised Onions

Aubergine again, but in another clever tasty way. This recipe works well with other roast veg too. Try butternut squash or courgettes, peppers or sweet potatoes as an alternative.