Lush Mush Pizza

Everyone seems to really like this, especially the kids, but with the hidden veg and lentils you know they are getting a healthy balanced meal with a Lush Mush pizza.

One tub of Lush Mush will make up to 10 small pizzas.

The base

I use plain naan breads myself but ready-made bases or pitta breads or even wraps work well too.


Turn the grill on medium/high and once hot heat the underside of the base for a few minutes till warm. Remove from the grill.


The sauce

For each personal size base add a heaped tablespoon of Lush Mush sauce to the top side and spread it across the whole surface area evenly.

The cheese

Grate enough cheese to lightly cover the sauce and sprinkle it over the pizza. Cook under the grill until the cheese has melted and is bubbling.

Serve it up but try and eat some yourself before it all disappears!